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Delivery terms and conditions

1. Prices
All deliveries are priced according to the valid price list applicable on the day of dispatch. Prices exclude value added tax. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time.
Unless alternative agreements appear in writing, prices shown are the net prices in Euro. Prices are applicable to our German stock rooms. On request, deliveries can be made from our factory in the Far East.

2. Deliveries
Deliveries exclude transport costs.  Delivery times are subject to availability or as per agreement. Stock is not reserved until ordered and may be sold to other buyers.

3. Delivery period
The delivery time begins on the date of the incoming order and/or on confirmation of the requirements of the order. However, this will be only after all the details vital to the realization of the order have been clarified.
Should the delivery period expire by more than 20 working days the buyer must specify, in writing, a new delivery date. Should the second delivery date also expire without reason, the buyer may cancel the contract.
We do not come into delivery delay for the period of unavoidable circumstances such as transportation delays, strikes as well as labour disputes.
The buyer cannot claim damage compensation due to delay in delivery.

4. Payment terms
First time buyers are required to pay by cash on delivery or advance payment. Further deliveries will be invoiced unless a customer specific exception exists.
Invoices are payable within 10 days. Cash discounts cannot be offered due to the narrow calculation margin. Deviations from this are only possible if a prior agreement exists. If the payment terms are not adhered to, all amounts outstanding will become due immediately. The buyer is only entitled to an off-set or delay of payment in the event of a counterclaim which is recognized by us or by legal intervention.

5. Property reservation
All delivered goods remain our property until payment has been made in full. Decrees such as pledges or safety conveyance of our goods are not possible.

6. Guarantee/Liability
In the event of the buyer lodging a reasonable objection, we reserve the right to either alter, correct or replace the goods. If the buyer is dissatisfied in our action to remedy the fault, the buyer has the right to cancel the order or to request a reduced payment amount.
Liability for the damage can only be accepted where we, or our executing aides, can be proved to have caused the damage through intent or negligence.
Despite the greatest care taken, colour deviations can occur on repeat orders due to the dyeing process, and is therefore not considered a defect.

7. Returning of goods
Goods which are in original condition and not refined can be returned, if delivery is dated back no longer than 14 Days.
Shipping costs will be charged again, if replacement is done. This does not apply to defected goods.
After receiving the returned goods, you get a credit note about the value of goods.
If unpacked goods are returned, you get a credit note about the value of goods minus 10% costs of handling.

8. Damage claims
The claim of obvious defects is to be placed on delivery or latest within seven workdays. Information about hidden defects must be given immediately after discovery and latest within one month after delivery.
All delivered goods must be checked for defects before embroidery or printing.

9. In case one of the above-mentioned articles is inoperative, this does not affect the other articles.